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Biff...the Dog® — Don't Judge a Dog by his Collar
 Biff the Dog and Friends embrace themes like “Don’t Judge a Dog by his Collar” © 1989, 2018 Biff the Dog LLC

Biff the Dog and Friends embrace themes like “Don’t Judge a Dog by his Collar” © 1989, 2018 Biff the Dog LLC

About Biff the Dog

Biff…the Dog® is a character-based intellectual property created by artist Tracy Calvert Ambrose, whose talented team of creative, industry-leading professionals has more recently developed the Biff brand into a series of children’s books and positioned the character property for animation. In addition to Calvert Ambrose, the creative team includes scriptwriter Robert Chiappetta, writer/producer Michael Maurer, copy editor Lori Dixon and music producer Enrico Tota. Additional illustrations have been provided by Roland Ambrose and Albert Charles Zarbaugh, along with production art by Jason Newcomb.

Biff’s comedic adventures are based on his children’s book series. The stories feature Biff and his merry band of fuzzy friends on mighty missions to help diverse creatures in need. Biff is flanked by his BFFs — the mindful Tammy TomKat, the wild & crazy Rollo Boing and shy little Bella Pooch. The series is set in the colorful, multicultural city of San Francisco, and targeted to children ages 5–7. Follow along as Biff’s magical spiked collar lights up to signal that someone needs help, while Biff and his friends learn and explore valuable lessons of empathy and acceptance. Each episode delivers a positive message through themes like “don’t judge a dog by his collar” and “learn to celebrate differences.” 

An animation series manual is also available (upon request) for review in English, Italian and Japanese. The series bible includes many additional story ideas with fun animal characters exemplifying acceptance and empathy themes. 

 SPIKED! by P.L.A.Y. Premier Pet Products

SPIKED! by P.L.A.Y. Premier Pet Products

About SPIKED! by P.L.A.Y.

Biff’s spiked pet product collaboration with Pet Lifestyle And You:

Biff the Dog is known for sporting his signature plush spiked collar, and his sub-brand pays tribute to this feature. We are thrilled to introduce Biff’s unique SPIKED! by P.L.A.Y. The playfully designed collection came to life in a co-branded collaboration with Pet Lifestyle And You, a premier pet products manufacturer and Certified B Corp. Now pets of all sizes, ages and breeds can unleash their inner Biff with this adorable array of spiked plush eco-friendly beds, toys and collars. Pet parents can feel confident selecting for their pets any of these durable and playfully designed products, knowing they are thoughtfully made with sustainable materials.

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